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Catering Menu

Make Your Party Exceptional with Caffè Capri Cuisine
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Half Pan Serves 10-15  |   Full Pan Serves about 30

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Anti- Pastasm. $48.00lrg. $96.00
Italian Greens½ Pan-$48.00Full Pan-$95.00
Hot Peppers Joanna½ Pan-$48.00Full Pan-$95.00
Fruit Tray½ Pan-$35.00Full Pan-$65.00
Wedding SoupPint-$8.00Quart-$15.00
Loaf of Bread$5.00 each


Caffè Salad½ Pan-$30.00Full Pan-$55.00
Caesar Salad½ Pan-$30.00Full Pan-$55.00


Eggplant Parmigiana½ Pan-$35.00Full Pan-$70.00
Chicken Parmigiana½ Pan-$48.00Full Pan-$96.00
Chicken Francaise½ Pan-$48.00Full Pan-$96.00
Chicken Capri½ Pan-$55.00Full Pan-$100.00
Haddock Francaise ½ Pan-$60.00Full Pan-$120.00
Sausage with Peppers
& Onions
½ Pan-$42.00Full Pan-$80.00


Rice Pilaf½ Pan-$28.00Full Pan-$55.00
Caffè Vegetable Blend½ Pan-$35.00Full Pan-$70.00
Mashed Potatoes½ Pan-$30.00Full Pan-$60.00
Roasted Potatoes½ Pan-$28.00Full Pan-$55.00
Green Beans½ Pan-$30.00Full Pan-$60.00


Your choice: Penne  •  Spaghetti  •  Linguine

Mama Q Sauce½ Pan-$30.00Full Pan-$60.00
Marinara Sauce½ Pan-$30.00Full Pan-$60.00
Vodka Sauce½ Pan-$40.00Full Pan-$80.00
Alfredo Sauce½ Pan-$43.00Full Pan-$85.00
Lasagna½ Pan-$50.00Full Pan-$100.00


Meatball or Sausage$1.00-each
Mama Q SaucePint-$6.00Quart-$12.00
Marinara SaucePint-$5.00Quart-$10.00
Vodka SaucePint-$10.00 Quart-$20.00
Clam SaucePint-$10.00 Quart-$20.00
House DressingPint-$6.00Quart-$12.00
Oil & Cheesesm. $4.00lrg. $8.00
Hot Peppers in OilPint-$10.00Quart-$20.00
Marinated Hot PeppersPint-$8.00Quart-$16.00


Tiramisu – $55.00
Ask for available seasonal desserts*

Mama Q’s House Made Dressing & Sauce!

Canned in house & always available!