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Dear Mr. Quaranta and Family,

My husband and I dined at your restaurant during October's Restaurant Week. I'd like to thank you for participating in that event, since it gave us a chance to visit your beautiful, new eatery. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal from start to finish and the service was great as well. I was also impressed with the interior; the bar/lounge area reminded me of the restaurants from The Strip in Niles several years ago.

Thanks again for a great evening out!

Struthers, OH

Dear Ron,

I hope you enjoyed the Tony Bennett show as much as I did. Your Italian feast put us into the right state of mind for anything!

We enjoyed everything at your restaurant, from the comfortable room to the fresh bread, pasta, dessert and everything in between. The icing was having you stop by to say hello.

Thank you!
Rich Morgan

Dear Millie,

It was so nice to meet you and to dine at the elegant “Caffe’ Capri”. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves very much! The food was delicious and the service great. We are so happy we found your restaurant from the Akron Beacon Journal article. Thanks again for a wonderful day. We hope to see you again. And again, thanks for the wonderful dessert.

Best regards,
Mary Ann
Pauline Kay

Dear Ron,

After recently visiting and eating at the new Carabbas, we want you to know Caffe Capri is still the greatest Italian restaurant in the area!

Your rating is nearly perfect. Keep up the good cooking and excellent service, as we frequent your place often.

Pam & Ralph
Franklin, PA

Dear Ron:

Thank you for the warm reception you and your staff gave my wife and I during our visit to Caffe Capri on Saturday, July 23d.

Debbie and I are the couple from the Akron area who visited your establishment as a result of the feature story in the Akron Beacon Journal of July 20th.

My wife and I really enjoyed the food, atmosphere and cordial reception. I have already recommended your restaurant to friends. We are about 58 miles away, an hour drive that is worth the trip.

What do George and Debbie from Stow have to say about Caffe Capri? "WOW!"

Best wishes,

Thank you for visiting Caffe Capri.

It is a pleasure to have you as our guest. If there is anything we can do to make
your experience with us more enjoyable, please let us know. Thank you again.
The Origin of Spaghetti

Anybody's guess would be that spaghetti is of Italian origin. But such is not the case. However, Spaghetti was the name of an ordinary seaman in the crew of Marco Polo's flagship on a visit to the Orient many centuries ago. He little realized when he dallied on the beach with a winsome Chinese maiden that he was changing the eating habits of the world. Food historians say this Chinese maiden was mixing bread dough beneath a tree when young Spaghetti approached her and declared his undying love. He spoke so fervently that she forgot her task. A gust of wind blew some leaves from the tree into the bowl of dough. The sailor, a resourceful lad, removed the leaves from the mixture by forcing the dough through a wicker basket which served as a sieve. The lovers became so interested in themselves that they forgot the dough, which dried in thin strands in the sun. When the sailor departed, the girl presented him with the dried strands of dough. The sailor took the strands aboard the ship, cooked them and found them delicious. The new delicacy came to be loved by all the menbers of the crew and finally by Marco Polo himself.


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